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Here there be fics. Lots of them. Actually, all of them.

Public ones are ones that I have not crossposted to my usual fic posting sites but don't mind sharing (though any may be locked at any given time.)

Also, yes, every post on this journal is at least one story. Some posts have multiple. Some are parts if the story's too long for one.

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Summary: Mark eats Erica out.

Char/Pair: Mark/Erica

Genre: romance/het, porn, yep

Rating: NC-17

A/N: )-)p

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Originally written on tumblargh. It became this weird thing about arcades because when I'd watched Deadpool the day I wrote this (but before) I saw a couple playing those basketball things at the movie theater's arcade so I guess that kind of stuck with me. Anyway my characterization was kinda weird lol soz

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Do you ever read something that you wrote over a year ago and you're like wow wtf @ self

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