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Here there be fics. Lots of them. Actually, all of them.

Public ones are ones that I have not crossposted to my usual fic posting sites but don't mind sharing (though any may be locked at any given time.)

Also, yes, every post on this journal is at least one story. Some posts have multiple. Some are parts if the story's too long for one.

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Summary: Louis works at Toys 'R Us and falls for a customer who is neither a cute child or an annoying parent.

Char/Pair: Louis/Niall

Genre: romance/slash, humor, drama ??

Rating: PG-13

A/N: this got... weird. Idk. don't like it much lol but nouis isn't really my game tbh

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Summary: the fire's been out for weeks

Char/Pair: Eduardo/Mark

Genre: character study, angst, drama ig, romance/slash

Rating: NC-17

A/N: v personal. warnings for: depression, dissociation, intrusive thoughts, unreliable narration (as influenced by the dissociation), violent thoughts (briefly), paranoia, short-term memory and implied moments of unreality, disordered eating, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and ideation, lol this has everything doesn't it

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Summary: I didn't ask to be haunted, but these kinds of things are hard to control.

Genre: romance/slash, ghost fic!, humor-fluff-angst [drama]

Rating: PG-13

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